✎ Anonymous: I was just wondering if you had any gif tutorials for things like these?If not then it's fine. Thanks. kikistiel(.)tumblr(.)com/post/41743702655/now-let-the-games-begin

I don’t know of one, but it’s really just about the frame number, like just make them match up to when you want each to play.. For example if you first gif is 10 frames then create 10 black frames at the beginning of your second gif and if that one is 12 then create 22 frames at the beginning of your third, but make sure that they all have the same number of frames (so add black frames after).. do I make sense?

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  • BULLSHITPSDS #48 ❀super/hiper fav❀
  • Psd made by bullshitpsds; P L E A S E don’t repost and claim as your own and like or reblog. Works in various pictures, but, maybe you can ajust some layers; Enjoy this ◕‿◕✿ (D
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124.psd for gifs (( pastel )) by sistaroundpsds || So cool psds for you. → download
please reblog/like if download || Don’t repost this post, plagiarises is a crime.
↳ any questions/compliments/doubts? ask me.

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Please put a credit in your sidebar if using. Or you can let me know in my inbox. Don’t claim as yours, don’t repost! More icons (35) under read more! Enjoy!
Find all my icons on my icons blog!

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Template made by mixsoucers.

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  • Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. Thank you and enjoy!!
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orphan black psd (cl.ly) | a pastelish/brownish psd for orphan black screencaps. you may have to adjust curves, according with the scene. you can modify anything you want to, just don’t redistribute or claim as your own. like or reblog this post if you download and have fun! (template by mixsoucers)

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Template 11  BY WASIRAUHLPSDS; ❀

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  • If you need some help, you can just ask me. 
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✎ Anonymous: can you make a tutorial for this, please? 31[.]media[.]tumblr[.]com/669b286740f53eb537e21b654aea385c/tumblr_n4anasNYjz1remz75o1_500[.]png

I can try! seeing as I don’t have those exact resources it will be difficult to recreate, but I’ll see if I can make something similar

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✎ Anonymous: do you have action sharpen for photoshop cs5 ?

all of my actions should work for cs5, you can find them here

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FALKREATH - preview / code

400px posts

3 custom links

125px optional sidebar image

optional post border on hover and more

MADELINE - preview / code

450px posts

3 custom links

75px optional header image

display option for title, tags

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