✎ Anonymous: Hey in your how to use a texture tutorial I was wondering to how many procent did you adjust the fill?

i didn’t make that tutorial! check the source at the top and bottom :)

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✎ Anonymous: when do you plan on posting the holland roden psd?

hey! sorry for late response! i’ll try and do it soon, i need to make a preview still ahh sorry but i will within a few days

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Y O U R P H O T O S H O P  1 K  T E X T U R E  P A C K  

  • contains 14 never released textures
  • includes scenery, paint, and paper textures
  • all textures made using my own photographs, paintings, and scans
  • this pack is to thank my followers. you guys are amazing! 
  • that being said, it would be nice if you could follow me before downloading. this is not required but I would really appreciate it
  • I spent hours on this so please please do not repost and like or reblog if you download!
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✎ Anonymous: hi :) i was wondering if you had a tutorial on how to do that black and white soft colouring but with some colour highlights? like her clothes and lips are more saturated? like this //33{.}media{.}tumblr{.}com{/}aecfa91aa4a9c061b692220a3506be55/tumblr_ncs66wpYX11s1fry0o5_250{.}gif

I don’t know of a tutorial sorry,

anyone else?

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✎ Anonymous: HIIIIII lovely <3 please help me out with this problem: when i save a gif after colouring etc it turns out to be black? like a black square??? why is this!!!

hmm I’m not sure.. are you using these settings

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✎ Anonymous: How do i change automatic resizing when i change the image size?

what do you mean? you should be able to imput any size. If you want to change the canvas size only, you can do that option (image>canvas size)

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✎ Anonymous: hii I have been having trouble and I don't know if you know how to fix this but when I save my gif for web & devices the gif lags and moves slower than the time setting I put?

hmmm idk normally gifs move slightly faster in tumblr… is it after it’s uploaded? maybe it’s the internet connection

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theme 36: i carry your heart; by primrosetylers
[static preview] : download from [pastebin] [freetexthost]
  • Please like or reblog if using
  • Sticky links/header
  • You can fill in your subtitle (the second title that appears on scroll) in the customization bar right above where you fill in custom links - if you don’t want the title to change on scroll, don’t write anything in the text field
  • Up to six custom links
  • Options for 250px, 400px, and 500px posts
  • Option for a cute, tiny cursor
  • Option for show captions and show tags
  • Option for infinite scroll
  • Tooltips and quick reblog
  • Custom colors
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follow for awesome icons, wallpapers, and more!

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✎ Anonymous: I heard you had a download of free photoshop? Is that true?

no it’s not sorry

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