A dead simple, clean and stunning photo theme that features two layout modes, integration with other photo sharing websites, responsive design and plenty of customisation options.

  • Two Layouts (grid and masonry)
  • Split Photosets on the Index page (each photo in a photo set will display as a separate post)
  • Responsive layout, customize colours, fonts and upload your own logo

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September 12thvia and with 10,712 notes
✎ Anonymous: Oh, I like the header. I would happily see the tutorial on that (Is it possible to change the whole coloring of it according to preferences?). since I have zero experience on making any banner. It sucks I can't attach any links, so I could show other banners I liked. Thank you for your help. Can't wait for the tutorial. PS: also I saw a header made of polaroid pics, looked fun, but for some reason it doesn't work with me. Maybe I use wrong polaroid textures.

yes the whole coloring could definitely change! i’ll try to post it soon and see if I can come up with a polaroid one, or others :)

September 12th — and with 0 notes

hey anon would a header like this interest you? I really don’t heave much experience with headers so this is something i just put together. I can try other techniques, but just wanna know if you (or anyone) would like a tutorial for this specific edit :)

September 11th — and with 2 notes
✎ Anonymous: Hello! I was wonder if you could make a tutorial on how to make some nice headers for tumblr blog? I really need one, 'cos all I do sucks and doesn't go far. =(( I don't even have a certain idea of what header tutorial I want. Maybe you could show couple examples with photos, with collages or text header? Thank you!

i’ll try to do that soon :)

September 11th — and with 0 notes
✎ Anonymous: hi!!! i was wondering if you could pleaseeee help with how to use the line tool? i cant seem to figure it out.. for example if i wanted to connect to words on my graphic with a line to connect them how would i do that? thank u heaps u r an angel with the help you are doing!!

while clicked on the line tool and on a new layer, just drag your mouse from one to the other. The settings for the tool will be on the top. Sometimes the line tool does weird things (like mine is an arrow right now and just wont get normal) so you can also use the pen tool draw a line on a new layer and right click and select stroke. it will use whatever brush settings you’re currently on and draw a straight line. hope that helps :)

September 11th — and with 4 notes
✎ Anonymous: hello! i just wanted to let you know some of your links arent working properly. for example when i go to view the gif tutorials the page doesnt appear, im just letting you know so u can fix it :)

thanks! i’m fixing them now :)

September 10th — and with 1 note
✎ Anonymous: "hmm not sure? does it happen with short videos too? maybe don’t run other programs while doing it?" I tried with short videos, and it does exactly the same. Idk what i'm supposed to do... Do you think there's another way to adjust/smooth people's skins on video besides this method ? I'm desperate right now.

I don’t use videos in photoshop (you do mean a video, not a gif right?) but maybe gaussian blur on a low setting could work?

September 10th — and with 1 note
✎ Anonymous: Hi ! Sorry to disturb you, but i'm having trouble with Photoshop at the moment, i'm using CS6 extended Timeline to create videos. In fact, i want to use Topaz Clean on my video, so I convert my video into a smart object to modify it with Topaz Clean and when I want to register it, Topaz Clean's pop-up can't stop coming saying "You are now using Topaz Clean..." and as my video is quite long, it blocks everything and photoshop closes. Do you know if there's a way to block this pop up ? Thanks ♥

hmm not sure? does it happen with short videos too? maybe don’t run other programs while doing it?

September 9th — and with 1 note

be patient!!!! the only way to get better is through lots and lots of practice. I promise like every month I look back at last month and think “wow I was so bad at photoshopping then.” And don’t worry if things don’t look good. I often spend hours on edits I end up scrapping later because I can’t get them to look right. It kinda sucks but I feel like it’s all about learning :)

September 6th — and with 3 notes
idinmenzel: For the anon, record the video on VLC and covert it using handbrake. Record the part you're wanting to use. Hope I helped!


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