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hi guys! So I know there were so many problems with my color porn psd (PSD 23) so please please resend a message so I can send everyone the correct link!!

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✿ PSD #207 by ohwowpsds ✿

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✎ Anonymous: This might be a dumb question but could you tell me what the glow/fog like thing around the edge of pics/gifs (like seen here: aryastarks(.)tumblr(.)com/post/82025563973) is called and if you have a tutorial on how to do it? Thank you!

it’s just a color painted on a low opacity! here’s a tutorial for a similar effect. To get that exact effect, i think, can’t be sure, keep the blending mode on normal and the opacity lower

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✎ Anonymous: Hello :) First of all, amazing blog! Thanks for organizing all those tutotials! I've got a little problem with photoshop (CS5). If I crop a the frames of a gif and then copy and past them onto another canvas, they keep resizing into their previous size. Any clue what I could do about it?

There should be an option when on the crop tool for “delete cropped pixels”. If that is checked, it should stop doing that! ((Sorry for responding so late!!!))

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I recently hit 2k followers and I’m super super happy. Thank you all for taking the time to look at my stuff and clicking that follow button. You guys light up my life each and every one of you. I am hugging you through your screen right now. Seriously. So as a thank you for getting me to this milestone I have decided to post a second psd pack that contains the eight doctor who psds that you see above. Thank You!

download here

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psd #4 » download

  • a psd for frozen
  • as you can see it works better on well lit scenes
  • contains vibrance
  • adjust the brightness/contrast and selective colour layers
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✎ Anonymous: how do i remove a watermark on all the frames for a gif, like i now how to actually remove the watermark but i would have to do it to each frame and it would take more time, i was wondering if there was a way to just do it all at once?

hi! I’m not sure if I know another way- you could keep part of the background still but i normally just avoid watermarks

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✎ Anonymous: Hi ! First, i just wanted to tell you that i'm a great fan of your tumblr, you're totally amazing, all the things you do are so flawless *-* In fact, i want to ask you something. Do you know how to progressively color a gif ? Like, a total scene of black & white at the beginning, and as the person is walking, the scene is becoming colorful. I've been trying so hard lately, but i didn't succeed, though i checked all your tutorials. Thank you ♥

thank you <33 I would make a tutorial but I’m super busy so really just make your gif but don’t convert to timeline (stay with frame animation). add your color psd and a bw gradient map on top. Then go on each frame indivisually and change the opacity of the gradient map. you’ll have to sharpen each frame separately unfortunately…

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jemmasmmnss: hey, the downlooad link for colorporn psd is not available.. it said that the file is blocked??

Sorry guys I’ll fix this ASAP!!

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